Dr. Lauren Good Returns from Service Rotation in Vietnam

Dr. Lauren Good Returns from Service Rotation in Vietnam

April 1, 2014  |  Resident News

Dr. Lauren Good completed a 15-day service rotation with the Department of Dermatology at the Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hue, Vietnam, through the organization Health Volunteers Overseas.

Dr. Good put forth great effort and thoughtful consideration when preparing for this incredible learning experience, which transpired this past October. Prior to her travels, she communicated with the dermatology department in Hue regarding their needs and interests and prepared PowerPoint presentations on topics including psoriasis, HIV dermatology, atopic dermatitis, common cutaneous  infections, non-melanoma skin cancer, fungal infections and sexually transmitted infections. She was able to secure a license from VisualDx for the Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy and gathered donations of dermatoscopes from our own MCW faculty.

Through the AAD Volunteers Abroad Program, she was able to obtain 45 laminated card sets intended to educate lay people as well as healthcare workers on the most common skin diseases worldwide. The cards include clinical photos, information on each diagnosis, and appropriate treatment options. Dr. Good was able to enlist help from her colleagues in Vietnam and the cards were translated into Vietnamese for local distribution.

While there, she also acted as a consultant for complicated inpatients admitted to the dermatology ward and helped diagnose and manage patients with diseases including pemphigus erythematosus, reactive arthritis (Reiter’s syndrome), primary varicella infection, herpes zoster and dermatomyositis.

After spending one and a half weeks at Hue College of Medicine participating in clinics, rounds, and giving lectures, Dr. Good traveled to the city of Hoi An where she gave a presentation at Children’s Hope in Action to 25-30 nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and layman volunteers mirroring that of the skin diseases addressed by the AAD’s laminated card sets.

What did Dr. Good take away from this experience?

“For me, this trip reminded me why I went into medicine and allowed me to participate in the care of patients with truly severe, debilitating skin pathologies. It reminded me why I love dermatology, the value of being a teacher, and reignited my passion for public and global health.”

In addition to her own personal resources, Dr. Good received funding made possible from an Elaine Kohler Global Health Elective Scholarship as well as Department funds made available through resident alumni donations.

While in Vietnam, Dr. Good blogged about her experiences, and a link can be found below.