Medical Student Research Day Highlights Dermatology Research

October 22, 2014  |  Research News

On October 2, MCW held its Medical Student Research Day Poster Session featuring more than 100 informal presentations by M2 students who participated in the summer 2014 Medical Student Research Program.  Posters featuring research of the Department of Dermatology include

Jamal Saleh

Jamal Saleh presents poster titled, “Cytokine Expression in NRAS-Mutated Melanoma”
from the Lab of Dr. Sam Hwang


Basia Michalski

Basia Michalski (left) presents poster titled, “The role of miR-215 in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma” from the Lab of Drs. Edit Olasz and Zzelmira Lazarova (pictured on right).


Michelle Cancel

Michelle Cancel presents poster titled, “A Demographic Study of PHACE Syndrome”
from the Lab of Drs. Dawn Siegel and Beth Drolet.


Garrett McCoy

Garrett McCoy presents poster titled, “Structural Brain Anolmalies in PHACE Syndrome”
from the Lab of Dr. Dawn Seigel.