Nikki Stefanko Named PHACE Foundation of Canada Pediatric Dermatology Research Fellow

Nikki Stefanko

Nikki Stefanko is the PHACE Foundation of Canada Pediatric Dermatology Research Fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She graduated from Miami University with degrees in marketing and music. Nikki has completed three years of medical school at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and will finish her fourth and final year upon completion of her research year. After medical school, Nikki aspires to pursue a residency in dermatology followed by a fellowship in pediatric dermatology.

Nikki will be working with patients and families for the PHACE Syndrome International Clinical Registry and Genetic Repository. She will assist families with questions about the enrollment process. The focus of this year will be to investigate the long-term outcomes and natural history of PHACE syndrome, including understanding the health of adults with PHACE. She would like to gratefully acknowledge Shannon Audette and the PHACE Foundation of Canada for giving her the opportunity to help advance PHACE Syndrome research.